How To Upgrade To Windows 10 From Windows 7, 8, 8.1

We all know that the Chief of Microsoft operating system Terry Myerson announced on Tuesday, January 21 that the user of Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 can upgrade their operating system in new operating system Windows 10 Technical preview.

So if you are one of them who want to upgrade windows 10 from Windows 7, Windows 8.1, 8 then this article for you. In this article you will get step by step guide on how to upgrade to windows 10 from windows 8/8.1/7. This trick also useful for windows mobile. So let’s start.

Features of Windows 10 Technical Preview

  • New look of windows start menu.
  • Windows 10 is designed to adapt its user interface based on the type of device being used and available input methods.
  • Windows 10 will incorporate multi-factor authentication technology based upon standards developed by the FIDO Alliance.
  • Windows 10 introduces a new default web browser, Microsoft Edge.
  • Windows 10 will provide heavier integration with the Xbox ecosystem.
  • Windows 10 will include DirectX 12 alongside WDDM 2.0.
  • Microsoft Office helps you create and edit your documents like Microsoft PowerPoint and excel.
  • Microsoft Edge is the brand new web browser in windows 10 operating system.

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Steps to Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7, 8, 8.1

So friends read all the steps very carefully and don’t skip any steps.

  • At first create a free account in Windows Insider or if you have an account then log in.
  • Now visit here to download windows 10 technical preview small executable file and then click on “Start Upgrade”. It will downloading windows 10 technical preview small executable file.

  • After complete of downloading, install this file on your pc.
  • Now restart your pc and log in.
  • Now you can able to see Windows Update is already running.
  • Now connect your pc with a high speed internet.
  • Now it’s time to check for update, to doing it go to control panel and then System Security >> Windows Updates >> Check for Updates.

  • After that you are able to see that windows 10 technical preview is available to upgrade.
  • Now click on install button to start the installation process.

  • It will upgrade to windows 10 by downloading required files. It will take some time although it depended on your internet connection speed.
  • When the downloading process will be completed it will show you the same below image on your pc screen then click on “Let’s get started” option.

  • After the clicks on “Let’s get started” option, upgrading process will be started. It also takes several times so wait for some time.
  • When the upgrade process will be completed, your pc will restart for sometime so don’t be panics.

  • After the complete of whole procedure when your pc start for final process then signed in to your Microsoft account, the install will be complete.

  • Now enjoy windows 10 Technical Preview with its amazing features.

Now you are successfully upgrade to windows 10 from windows 8/8.1/7. You can upgrade also Intel Core 2 Duo processor pc.

Here is the Tutorial video just grab it:


So friend this is the process of how to upgrade to windows 10 from windows 8/8.1/7. Before doing anything read the whole article very carefully. If you’re want to test out Windows 10 on Windows computer then use Windows Update is the easiest way to get it done. Lets us know how much you like this article with your suggestive comment. If you face any comment while following this article then contact us we are here for you 24 * 7. If you found this tutorial helpful for you then share this article on social media along with your friends.

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